WineLeague is partnering with the Kempe Foundation for our first competitive wine tasting event of 2019!
Space is limited to just 150 tickets, and we expect the event to sell out well in advance so don’t delay.

VARIETAL FOR THE NIGHT:  Pinot Noir (From any region)

FOOD: Denver cheese maestro Mike Kreuler of So Damn Gouda will be catering a variety of meats, cheeses, house made jam, nuts, dried fruit, fresh seasonal fruit, crostini and artisan crackers. The best damn charcuterie you have ever seen!

ATTIRE: April is Child Abuse Prevention Month so The Kempe Foundation wants you to wear anything BLUE.

6:00 PM – Registration and check-in opens
7:00 PM – Opening remarks
7:30 PM – Let the tasting begin!
9:00 PM – Give-Away prizes awarded and voting results announced

Click HERE all the details on how our unique wine tastings work.

What is WineLeague®?
We are a 501c(3) nonprofit that organizes fun and competitive wine tastings for other nonprofits to help them reach their next generation of supporters! Our nonprofit beneficiaries receive the net proceeds from the event and get to meet a lot of awesome young professionals in the process. Bring your friends and don’t forget to participate in our Give-Away!

What is ‘competitive’ wine tasting?
Our events don’t fit the traditional mold of how wine tastings work — a WineLeague wine tasting event is a  unique way to build your knowledge and appreciation for wine while supporting local charities at the same time. in that we ask for a modest donation and each team to bring 3 bottles of the same wine that evening. For this event, we have chosen Pinot Noir. We sample 2 of the 3 bottles during the night and then ask for a Favorite Vote, and a Least Favorite Vote by each participant. The top 3 teams for Favorite Votes get to take home everyone else’s third unopened bottle. For example, if 100 teams enter, then the 1st place team will take home about 60 bottles! The team whose wine was voted Least Favorite, gets the honor of taking their bottle of kerosene back home.

Can you explain the ‘league’ aspect of your events?
Yes! Throughout the calendar year (a season) we will track each team’s net Favorite Votes (Fav – Least Fav) and keep a running total. At the end of the season (November) we will invite the top 10 teams in scoring to attend an all-expenses paid year-end awards soiree! So make sure you attend all of our events for the year to give yourself the best chance at earning your spot. For more info on that cool event, click HERE.

Is there an age requirement to attend?
Yes! All attendees must be at least 21 years of age on the day of the event.

What’s the refund policy?
We request a donation to enter the event, and therefore we do not make refunds once an order is placed.