Our Mission

WineLeague is a 501c(3) organization that introduces dynamic non-profits to their next generation of supporters through competitive wine tasting events.

Our lives are busier today than they have ever been. Technology was supposed to help us have more free time, but it’s also contributed to our on-the-go lifestyles, too. WineLeague® provides a forum for busy, young professionals to support charitable causes they care about, and do so in a very fun way!

Within the communities that we operate, WineLeague presents a unique opportunity for non-profits to reach a demographic they need to connect with: the proverbial Millennial. We attract a wide range of age groups, yet the bulk of our members are in their 20’s and 30’s.

You may be asking, “Aren’t Millennials only interested in themselves and couldn’t care less about helping others?” We respond to that with an emphatic, “No!”

Our members are in a great position to impact the world, and the success of our events would tell you that they really do care deeply about issues as much or more intensely than previous generations. They want to positively impact the environment, people in society that are disadvantaged, and those among us who have suffered unnecessarily at the hands of our fellow human beings.

WineLeague adds a competitive twist to the traditional wine tasting making it the perfect event for forward-thinking non-profits to meet and communicate their own mission to a demographic they increasingly want to and need to reach.