St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, FL is the southernmost outpost in the WineLeague® family. Run by Jamez Dezmond (yes, he freely subs in ‘z’ for ‘s’), this league is sprouting up faster than the humidity on a hot July day! Jamez is in the process of building out his support team, and gearing up to officially launch WineLeague® | St. Petersburg by summer, 2018.

Currently, we are looking for local Board of Directors and volunteers to help us get things rolling. With so much excitement around the incredible growth of the city, we believe our St. Petersburg will quickly attract a strong following on the Gulf coast of Florida.

If you want to be a part of the very start of WineLeague® | St. Petersburg, click HERE and let us know more about you and how you feel you can contribute.

Thank you!

WineLeague® | St. Petersburg
Management Team

James Desmond


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