Welcome to WineLeague!

What a ride! We have been going strong for more than a decade now (12 yrs to be exact) and things just keep getting better. Many of you long-time WineLeaguers are wondering, “just what the heck have these local yokals been up to lately???” Well, here are your answers:

  • Back in the fall of 2017, the Board circled the wagons and really hashed out where we wanted the group to go over the next five-to-ten years. The conclusion we came to was that our humble group in Denver had more to say and do. We had a much larger audience to reach, and it would take a concerted effort by multiple people involved with WineLeague to pull it off.
  • Thus, we crystallized our vision for us and arrived at a few descriptors: Evolution, Focus, Scale, and Reach. We knew the opportunity to extend beyond Denver with our efforts and impact could not be left unattended. We were all ready to see just how far we could take WineLeague and see our goal of developing a WineLeague affiliate in each of the 20 largest metro areas in the US by 2022. If you are going to dream, you may as well dream big, right???
  • Once we cemented the vision and direction, the next effort centered around getting our messaging and branding right. As you peruse around the newly re-designed website, we hope you will agree we are now in the modern world of mobile and social, instead of the blanket emails and word-of-mouth that we embraced in 2006!
  • So the website and the branding are apparent; the cutting-edge technology behind the scenes is not! We like to believe the guts of infrastructure constitute our ‘secret sauce’ so to speak, and that’s not an exaggeration. Many hours and money went into building out the systems to support our grand vision. Sign up for our next event and you’ll quickly see the quantum leaps we have made in the organization, transparency, and value proposition of the events. We firmly believe the next chapter of WineLeague takes us from a casual group of do-gooders to a dynamic nonprofit that has the potential to influence philanthropy beyond the US.

So there you have it — and now we probably need to crack open a nice bottle of Pinot Noir to help us digest all of this ourselves. Glad you are around for the ride and stay tuned, we have more intriguing details to share over the next few weeks.