Year-End Awards Soiree

Year-End Awards Soiree

Celebrate Your Winning Season with Fellow WineLeaguers!

After a hard-fought season of competing against other motivated and driven WineLeaguers, the end of the year brings a time to celebrate the spoils of your victories at our awards soiree!

Members of WineLeague can all agree our #1 priority is to advance the philanthropic efforts of the great nonprofits in our local communities. That’s the altruistic side of participating and enjoying our events, and it is an awesome and exciting endeavor. The goal of our year-end celebration is to reward the teams that have shown exemplary attendance and wine selection with an all-expenses paid evening of fun and revelry.

How to Earn Your Spot

At WineLeague, each seasons begin January 1st and ends November 30th. Throughout the year, we will keep track of your team’s votes from each of our events. Typically, leagues host anywhere between 4-6 events. After the last event of the year, we will grant access to the top 10 teams (approximately 30 people) who secured the most net Favorite Votes (Favorite Vote minus Least Favorite Vote). These teams are welcome to join us in early December at a cool location that is selected by the local Board of Directors.

So you may be wondering, “How do I improve my chances of making the Top 10?” The answer is two-fold. First, make sure you sign up for each one of our events throughout the year. This is the single best way to improve your odds of finishing in the ‘money’ so to speak. Secondly, bring great wines! This sounds intuitive, and it is. The only caveat we have is that if you go too low on the quality spectrum, many of your fellow Wineleaguers will surely detect that you are attempting to pass off kerosene as wine. Additionally, a wine that is too exquisite and complex may very well go unnoticed by some of the more unsophisticated pallets in the crowd. The happy medium, in our experience is a wine that retails between $15-$25 per bottle.

See you in December!